Hi guys, I’m back!+ a little update

Thank you everyone for being patient. Glad it didn’t take a week, whew. ( it usually takes a week since we lack computer-mechanics here and it’s a small town xD )

Good news is, I’m back! Yes, I know I said it twice. I’m just happy, ya know xD

That being said, my hdd totally got wrecked and I lost all my data. This makes me sad, since all the effort, blood, sweat, love I put into it were washed away. Of course this is just part of life

Let’s put all those of the above aside ^

I’m having a dilemma right now. This is a little of what’s going on currently ( pretty sure some of you have had much worse time than I do right now )

I’m very new to scanlation, I just started doing it on September 2015. At that time I had to juggle several part time jobs just to stay alive.

At first I enjoy doing it because I like the series ( my first series that I work on is The Young Master and The Maid. It’s a really cute story and I fell in love with it. Of course I’m still working on it.

So, March this year, I started going full force on it. Which means that I have to quit two of my part time jobs I was doing at that time. I decided to try and weather out if I could survive and also do the things which I like to ( scanlation )

Unfortunately, reality is harsh. One can’t have what they want most of the times.

I’m really stuck here, I know I don’t have a choice but I want to know what all of you think I should do.

Should I drop scanlating now and return when I have my life sorted out? or,

Should I continue scanlating with a slower pace while picking back up one more part time job?

Share with me what you guys think about this! I’m all ears to suggestion too! and flames! and critics! whatever is on your mind! you can also tell me to f*** off and find a proper job too! ( I would if I could. I tried. This country is really…asdf.  Of course, if one wants to earn fast huge amount of money, there are means to do that )



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Natural balance is the key. Working too much is bad for your mental and physical health, but scanlating too much will literaly leave you poor and homeless.

If you need to take up another job, only do it what you can handle while carefully managing your finances at the same time. The same consideration should be made for scanlating as well. Focus on the series you enjoy the most.

Whatever you do, please stay in good health!

I did see a bunch of scanlers that overworked themselves, to the point they asked crowfunding almost every month to make ends… usually they didn’t lasted long.
As such, I advise you to slightly let go scanlation and look after your well-being first. If you get sick or don’t eat we will not get more chapters, so stay healty!

Jokes aside, after you secured your well-being, you can try to create partnerships with other groups. A lot of groups have many editors and cleaners, but miss translators for some of their series (that usually are dropped as result). You can see where I’m going… 😛

Ahh, I get what you mean Ryanonymous. My health did take a dip downward that one week I was sick >.< Thanks for the thoughts and worry xD
But yeah, I am working with other groups with some series!
When I first started, most of it was only TL scripts and without editing. But it didn't pick up xD
Looking back, it feels like I came a long way, though it hasn't been that long.

I agree with Ryanoymous. While i would love to have the scanslations as fast as possible it is better you get things sorted out first. I think all of us are really thankful for your work so far (my favorite 3 series are getting scanlated thanks to you) and we will be patient untill you can begin again.

Thanks Gakkan xD I’m glad you’re enjoying reading manga that I work on! I really love working on manga so people can enjoy reading it XD if only I have more time. Don’t we all? xD

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