Koisuru Yankee Girl

Koisuru Fortune Cookie~~ ch 6

Wait, that’s the wrong topic, I mean, Koisuru Yankee Girl ch 6

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You keep offering google drive folder links, which is appreciated, but has one minor issue, [afaik] it’s not possible to download the folder as a zip without going to a higher level which you’ve not shared (It only lets people download it page by page, which is inconvenient). So would strongly appreciate if you shared the link for the folder you keep all of the series releases in.

Lol xD, The song just came to my mind when I wanted to make that post, so… just had to do it xD

p.s. to those who have yet to hear the song, google it, it’s by akb48? if I’m not wrong. the title of the song is pretty addicting lol

Naah no need for you to improvise, I could batch-import/download whole folders just fine on G-Drive, wether on my PC or smartphone so.. here some warm cookies from the bottom of my heart stove xD. keep’em coming! 😃

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