Hantsu X Trash

Hantsu X Trash 88-90

Eat this! and this! anddddddddddddddddddddddddd…

Ah, I’m hungry..

P.s.: Ch 90 link is really in the above post, try looking for it.

p.s. 2: I know, I’m being a sadist, lol.

Edit 1: Pay a visit to too !

6 replies on “Hantsu X Trash 88-90”

Whoa DETTA! HxT DANMAKU! lol when it rains it pours! many cookies to Squiggles onii-tan <3 :p and peanuts to Cedr ero-nee-san XD yay! \^_^/
I enjoy your releases, thanks for the efforts & keep up the good work!

hahaha whoah! Sorry for gender-bendering you Cedr nii-san, gomen gomen >_< and my name is "PEENUT BUTT-ERR" Baka anee !, so don't autocorrect it and stahp pretending to be my keyboard! Grrrr 👿 *fangs bared*

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