Koisuru Yankee Girl

Koisuru Yankee Girl ch 4-5

I’m feeling better now xD! Thanks for your concerns!
Thanks to PunPun Onodera for the editing!

So here ya go! 4 & 5

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it’s been nearly two weeks, mr rey must be busy right now…i will typesett ch. 86 onwards for now, pls send me the script. i wish to put the cleans and the script to good use.

we’ve waited for him a while i’m sure he understands.

So happy you got yourself an editor, redrawer, cleaner, etc. The chapters look way better now. 🙂

Thanks guys for the translation and the editing.

BTW i think it will be a good idea if you release a second version of the previous chapters.

My biggest problem is the missing text in ch2 (page 3) and ch3 (page 2).

Thanks again for your hard work.

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