Rorikura Hold ch 1 ( script only )


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Ch 1: That’s like a flash


Page 2


  1. Tanya
  2. My name is Tanya
  3. Today, I’ve transferred to an all girls highschool
  4. I love arts, so I’d like to join the arts club
  5. I hope to make lots of friends…
  6. Ah, my shoelace came off
  7. Shining Wizard


Page 3


  1. Ako and Karori
  2. When I see her on one knees, my reflexes kicked in
  3. I haven’t seen her around before. Is she a transfer student?
  4. Is she trying to debut for the war?
  5. You’ve not even stood on the ring before
  6. Anyway, let’s bring her to the clubroom first
  7. Ohh, Kakori! You’re so kind
  8. W-With that conversation… how did it come to be being tied?
  9. Humans are someone or the other tied to something constantly


Page 4


  1. Pro Wrestling Club
  2. We’re trying to set up a wrestling club but we don’t have enough members
  3. W-Wrestling…?
  4. That’s right, it’s wrestling. You like it don’t you? It’s quite nice isn’t it? What do you think of it?
  5. I think they’re savage and vulgar, plus they’re foul players
  6. Ugh… that’s harsh…!
  7. That’s a normal highschool girl opinion ya know
  8. C-Can I go back now?
  9. Ohh? Why is this barbed wired metal bat doing here? I guess I forgot to keep it away
  10. Nooooooooooooooo


Page 5


  1. Chief Narumi
  2. What are you doing, Ako!
  3. Erk! It’s Narumi
  4. Didn’t I tell you not to resort to force?
  5. Gununu…
  6. Finally someone who understands…
  7. You’re too soft Narumi! Now’s the time for Ruthless Aggression! You gotto go over the limits of PG( parental guidance ). That’s why you’ve never manage to get a golden cup till now!
  8. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
  9. Short Range Larriot


Page 6


  1. Rope
  2. With power, you can settle anything!
  3. Ehhhhhhhhhh?!
  4. I’m really sorry~~ it’s because everyone’s so into wrestling that we don’t notice our surrounding~~
  5. Isn’t that the worst?!
  6. But with this, we can show the new recruits of the awesomeness of wrestling with our fighting spirit!
  7. Who cares about that, can you hurry up and untie me?
  8. What do you mean by that? Are you trying to deny my Strong Style of telling people how awesome wrestling is?
  9. T-That’s… my cheekbone is…


Page 7


  1. Saki
  2. Hmm? You’ve brought another one with force huh
  3. Saki…
  4. Kyaaa
  5. Why is the wind blowing only beside her?
  6. As expected of a Natural Diva
  7. I’m sorry~~~ we haven’t been able to find more members yet so we have to resort to foul play~~
  8. Don’t you guys have sympathy on other people? I can see your panties too
  9. I accidentally trip and cream got onto me
  10. That’s insane!
  11. Aren’t you tired trying at poking at all the jokes?


Page 8


  1. Self Introduction
  2. Since everyone’s here, let’s introduce ourselves
  3. I don’t wanna get to know you guys…
  4. I’m the club captain, Yaegi Narumi
  5. She’s not listening to me…
  6. I’m Caroline Baconwood
  7. Ah, you’re an American?
  8. Kakori’s a half
  9. It’s good for dieting too, right?
  10. Since it’s hard to pronounce Caroline, so we call her Kakori
  11. Japanese always likes to shortcut things
  12. I’m from Russia, my name is Vladimir Tetriski
  13. You guys are from all over the earth huh
  14. You’re from Gunma, aren’t you


Page 9


  1. What’s your name?
  2. I-I’m Tendou Ako…
  3. I’m Yumeiri Saki
  4. Everyone’s a first year here
  5. Saki’s no good at wrestling but she’s a pro at accidentally flashing her breasts and what not. She’s a good recruiter too!
  6. Let’s continue with our duel shall we?
  7. Ehehe <3
  8. No one’s praising you
  9. And… what’s your name?
  10. Hmm?
  11. Oh my
  12. Oh?
  13. She ran away!


Page 10


  1. Fleeing
  2. Wait up!!
  3. Kyaaaaa
  4. Stunner
  5. Awawawa….
  6. That’s dangerous!
  7. Counter kick


Page 11


  1. Legend
  2. What a wrestling lover she is!
  3. I want her…! I want her all for myself!
  4. Ekkkkk
  5. I can’t catch her!!
  6. That’s the legendary Climb The Ladder folklore!
  7. Hyaaa
  8. That’s Jeef’s TLC hanging in mid air gimmic!
  9. I never would’ve thought I’d see them with my own eyes


Page 12


  1. Rescue
  2. That’s far above the level of showing the panties
  3. Don’t look!
  4. Karori! Gimme a shoulder ride!
  5. Come, unknown human!
  6. Uuuu…
  7. Double Impact


Page 13


  1. Registration Form
  2. Uu… I caught her so all is fine
  3. Your arm’s… bend in a weird location
  4. You sure wasted my time! Now Ojou-chan, hurry up and sign!
  5. N-No…
  6. Didn’t I tell you not to force people?
  7. It’s better than persuading. What do you suggest then?
  8. To let her know more about Wrestling, we just need to show her videos of it
  9. Isn’t it forcing someone?! Are you going to leave me here alone?


Page 14


  1. Video
  2. Ahh! Morohyou’s just tossed roses into the ring
  3. And then the barbed wired bat!
  4. Isn’t that gasolin?!
  5. This was how you look last year! This is last week’s footage
  6. How a millionaire princess, you sure have grown
  7. Especially those two places
  8. You don’t have to wear tights tomorrow. Feel free to eat as much sweets as you want too
  9. Farewell to the lifestyle of a wrestler
  10. If I can turn back time, I’d probably continue with this line of work
  11. 18 years…
  12. After 18 years, I’ve finally reached the peak of my career
  13. Is that Eddy? Did you come here to give blessing to your friend?

Page 15


  1. Sign
  2. 5 hours later…
  3. I-I understand… I’ll sign so please just untie me…
  4. Ohhh!
  5. I’m so glad you came to know the wonderful thing about wrestling
  6. That’s good!
  7. Now we have 5 people
  8. We need to find an advisor now
  9. Oi
  10. Ah, she looks like a heel ( google wrestling heel 😛 )
  11. Ahh, wait!

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