NSFW(18+)[lanthanein (138.9)] BLUE (Naruto) [Digital] [English] [#Based Anons]

Pretty touchy doujin if I do say so myself

[lanthanein (138.9)] BLUE (Naruto) [Digital] [English] [#Based Anons]

After reading this, please read the next Naruto Doujin above this post. It’ll cheer you up a little ( I hope ) XD

2 replies on “NSFW(18+)[lanthanein (138.9)] BLUE (Naruto) [Digital] [English] [#Based Anons]”

Wow, you weren’t kidding about the subject ! Although it’s not as bad as I feared it would be judging from your warning 🙂

Nevertheless, it’s quite an interesting twist very rarely addressed in manga 🙂

(As always, thx for the release 😉 )

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