Hime No Dameshi

Hime No Dameshi Ch 1

Sorry guys, it’s just the script. READ IT WITH THE RAWS GODDAMNIT! Lol.

Hime No Dameshi Ch 1 RAWS


Hime No Dameshi Ch 1

Translator: SquigglesJP

Page 1


Page 2

Is that sesame seeds?




I didn’t knew that


It goes well with Yogurt




This isn’t sesame seed…


These are Chia Seed…




Page 3


Ah, Chia seed, right.


I know of it! Recently it’s quite popular, right


It’s not a place, these are good for your health and beauty


I think it was 2 years ago? That it received popularity and it was called a Super Food


So that’s what it is


Recently I’ve been adding it to the Fruit Water and drink them


I was thinking I need to become more pretty you know


…I see…


See you later—-


See ya—


I’ll be heading off then


Thanks for your hard work today


Page 4




What’re Chia seeds~~~~~~~~~!!!!


OL ( office lady )

Himekawa Motoko


Page 5


Each and everyday she keeps on eating salad in her lunch


While wearing that stupid damn huge spectacles too


It’s good that she manage to enter a design company while studying but


Everyone around her are like so ‘modern’


Those kinda people are those kind


Who always upload photos of their French Bulldog on Insta


The dog is cute though


On her day off she probably goes to those scamming seminar


Whiteboard: What is the meaning of work?


Coincidentally bumping into a fresh company president and tag herself with the photo they took


After drinking a can coffee she’d be like posting on her social sites. And stuffs like that


Page 6


She’d be looking down on us while trying to dish out ideas in meetings








She even use english words to boot


When I ask her something she’d…




Why don’t you try to study harder?




Don’t think you’re so smart just because you use english words!!!


Page 7


I’m hungry…


What shall I make today…


T-They’re selling…


Chia Seeds here…!!


Excuse me




Even that old lady is buying Chia Seed…


Oh well… let’s do our stuffs here and head home…


Page 8


Sigh— what a day


I’m home~


Ahh, so tired~~


To brighten up my day today one definitely needs…


SappoXX’s number 1


Miso Ramen~~~~~~~~


Page 9


When one’s tired, one must have this


Measure the water precisely


All right


Let’s change while the water is boiling


Page 10




Twintail and Jersey


Ahh, it makes me feel relax when I have my jersey on


It brings back memories during the Otasa period…


Ahh, the water’s boiling


Put in the noodles


Put in the hogushimizu~~


Oh yeah, I need to put in the powdered broth


A pot stand…


Ah, I don’t have one. A towel would do I guess


Page 11


And it’s done~


SappoNumber 1 ( plain flavour ) Miso!


Thanks for the food!!


Page 12


Delicious~~~~~~~~ <3 <3


There’s lots of ways to arrange it but


But eating it just as it is is already so delicious


Haaaa! That was the best!


Page 13




Add some hot piping rice


To the leftover soup


And nom!!!


Such splendid combination


Is pure bliss…!


Page 14




I’m stuffed…


Chia Seed is reaaaaaaally good!


Even this famous person here is also taking them


Guess I’ll play some games and head to bed


Page 15


Let’s see…


I ate too much yesterday so let’s have something healthy for breakfast


Page 16


Thank you very much!


I bought it…


I didn’t thought it’d be this expensive


It seems like there’s lots of them floating around


Looks nauseating…


Let’s try it out!!


Page 17


It’s nice…


The popping and smashing of the seeds brings a whole new feeling!!


It’s mortifying to say but, I love it


To Be Continued.


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