Hachi Ichi

Hachi Ichi ch 32

Why didn’t you guys mention to me that ch 32 was missing ? T_T does that mean… that no one reads it? Or decide to skip it anyway?

Ah, well, I can understand it’s difficult at times and not easy to read while looking at the picture. Oh well…

Translator: SquigglesJP

Raw Provider: Vulgrim

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Page 1 ( File no 006 )

Font: Jack Armstrong

Ch 32: The Way To Decide (3)


Page 2


Kinoshita Yuuichirou-sama’s fiancee, Katou Keiko. She works as a tv announcer




Tv announcer, you mean…


High academic achievement+excels at her workplace+pretty=The perfect bride!!


That reminds me, I’ve seen her on a news channel…


This person has been living with Yuuichirou-sama all these while?


Isn’t it tough for such a high spec woman to be able to find an ideal man?


Huh, really?


Page 3


I…I see… I bet the condition ‘virgin’ was not apply for my brother…


We’re in inexperience but


I plan to do my best in protecting my lovely wife


Brother did say he has a way of deciding it, but I never would’ve thought that the conditions were the higher ranking the girl is, the higher chances that she’ll be picked…




Page 4


You must be his brother, Shinichirou-sama right?


Ah, y-yes


Pleased to meet you, I’m Katou Keiko


Ah, nice to meet you too


Yuuichirou-san told me to be friends with you..


Ah, well…


It’s not like we’ve a choice but to get along with each other…


Please take care of me in the future


Page 5


How were you chosen to get married?!


What’s the sure kill chance to win?


How did you appeal to him?


Were you persistent?


Hey hey hey—-!!


Everyone around you will hear you




That is…


I’ll explain to you girls later


Please, teacher <3 Kyaaaa




Can I ask how you study for exams and all?


Do you know of any baseball players?


Page 6




I feel a little light headed…


So nice… they make a lovely couple


Yeah, that’s all right


Don’t worry about it


I’ll take responsibility


Leave it to me




Page 7


Congratulations on your marriage. She’s a lovely lady isn’t she




It’s not decided by my own will




Isn’t marriage, troublesome?




How can it be…


You guys look good together, and both of you seem happy…


We look [good and happy together] hmm


Page 8


If you look on the outside, then yeah


But everyone is here celebrating for you…


Why do you have to say that


Don’t you…


Love her?!


Page 9


I don’t dislike her of course. But leaving aside marriage, isn’t love more important?




Shinichirou-sama told us that [When the conditions are met]…


That’s it!


Marriage are all about [conditions]


Which mean that, a person who is suitable for me!


Won’t you fall in love if the girl is smart, able to do house chores, won’t nag at you, and is pretty?


Meanwhile, I’m good at my job, I’m rich, and I can guarantee her an easy life


Those are the conditions for the both of us


Page 10


Don’t you wish the same thing too? From Shinichirou-sama that is


What’s there to ask more now?





I am…



I had talked to Shinichirou-sama’s girls before


But you’re the one who has a good grasp of the surrounding


If I’m Shinichirou


Page 11


I’ll definitely choose you




Why did you get married if you said all that?


Page 12


I don’t have a choice do I, I don’t want to be single my whole life. This is call, society


Also, I just want t show that I can do it, that’s all


Isn’t it the same for you too?


You want to show who is the ‘better’ wife


Page 13




See ya, Miyu-chan


Page 14


I’m thirsty… *yawns*~~~~~~ I’m so sleepy~~~~~~~~


Those kinda event tires me out~~~~~~~




W…Who’s there!!




Why are you at a place like this, daydreaming?






Page 15


My zip seems to be stuck…


Can you pull it down for me?




C-can I?


It really has gotten stuck


I got it







Page 16


To Be Continued.

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heyo, I’ve been trying to get someone to translate this manga for at least a year now and my heart almost stopped when I found out that a new chapter was out. Read on the first page that you probably won’t be translating more of it which made me a bit sad (you also spelled your wordpress page wrong ^^).

Really appreciate the effort but why translate one chapter if you don’t plan on continuing? I’d give my firstborn child to you if you continue this.

Lol, hi Rou, I’ll still be translating this and guess what, good news, the peeps at KireiCake has decided to edit for me, so yeah, expect awesome chapters from them >.< ( I know I suck at editing, for now )

Well, I’ll only have one firstborn child so I guess I’ll have to give them something else then…

You don’t suck at editing, I actually tried downloading the raws and test it myself. I have been using Photoshop for a long time for different things but I just don’t have the patience to do what you do.

Few know how hard it’s to do all that shit by yourself so please don’t say that you suck, makes me feel bad ^^

Keep it up amigo and I might donate sometime when I get rich like Bill Gates! (if you got a clue of how you might get that rich, PM me)

Thanks for the kind comments! I forgot to mention that I edited some of the text. Will do chapter 34 too.

Neat! Ah, by the way, I don’t want to kill your joy or motivation but the guys at KireCake said they’ll take up the project, but if you still wanna continue to do it, you could, I’ll post it here if you do

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