Hachi Ichi

Hachi Ichi ch 34

Aff, I’m having a terrible headache…

Translator: SquigglesJP

Raw Provider: Vulgrim


Vol. 4 of the manga


Page 1 ( File No 038 )


Ch 34: Pressure


Page 2




In the middle of a test




My head hurts


Page 3


Finally it ended…


Somehow I feel I manage to do better than usual, I wonder why…


Is it because I was so busy… that I  learned how to use what little time I have to concentrate on studies?


I haven’t been playing games lately either


Why do I feel like I’m moving according to what gramps had planned for me…


Oh well…


I’m home–


Page 4


Welcome home




I’m hungry…


Me too


Me three–


Where’s Miyu-san?


She’s been in her room all this time


I wonder if she’s not feeling well?


Page 5









A…Are you all right?… did you perhaps catch a cold…?


…I’m fine


But today… I feel a little tired, do you mind if I rest for the day?


Y..Yeah, sure. Please rest well


I’ll handle the things here



How was Miyu-san doing?…


Page 6


Eh————, how are we going to get through today~~~?


Who’s going to cook?!


Isn’t that why there’s a schedule to who does what?



At first, we took turns doing it but… perhaps it was laziness or that we’re not good at it…


I guess we relied on Miyu-san too much


Miyu-san’s pretty good at it…


Now, everything is done by Miyu-san


Page 7


I’m so hungry right now it can’t be helped! This is going to be lunch!




Ah, I like this—-<3


It seems to be missing something


I’d like to have something sweet




Page 8


Yay <3




Say, what are we going to do about dinner~~~~~~~~~?


Can’t you guys make it?


Well—- I have to study right now so—-


Tonight’s dinner will be delivery pizza!! And that’s final!!


I’m so happy


It’s been awhile


Page 9


Why do I have to do all of these…


Aren’t those girls suppose to take care of me?


Though I say that, they still have their own live to take care of…


I can’t be the only one not doing anything in the house…




Are you awake~~~~~~~~~~~? Are you hungry?


I made some udon if you’d like to have some…



I’ll leave it at the doorstep all right—



You made this?


This is delicious, you are good at cooking aren’t you


Not really


Page 10





I…yesterday night…


I’m sorry…


I was so full of myself and just attacked you…


I didn’t realized you didn’t like it…


I’m really sorry…




Th…That is…


I’m a little shy…


But you weren’t wet at all


Page 11


I’m sorry I’m not that good…!








Page 12


That’s not the problem




It’s not your fault Shinichirou-sama


Then, why…


Even I don’t know myself… it was probably because this is my first time so I got all nervous…




Are you sure? It’s not because you don’t like it right?


It’s not as…


If I dislike it…


Page 13


That’s a relieve~~~~~~~~~


You really didn’t dislike it right?




Then, can I kiss you right now?






Page 14


Please rest for the entire day today


I’ll bring you something at night




I have a favour to ask…


There’s… something that has been bothering me since last night…


I really wonder if I have the right to get married… I suddenly lost all my confidence…


Even something like that bothers you too Miyu-san?




Is it all right if I test out…


Whether I could react to you…?




Do-…Does that mean that…!!


Ch 34 End


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