Hantsu X Trash

Hantsu X Trash ch 80

I’m now using Youhei instead of Hamaji, since there’s too many Hama-ish names around it might get confusing for you guys :X

P.s. Hamaji’s full name is Hamaji Youhei

Raw link beflow:


Page 1


Nakajima: Let’s begin the meeting!


Youhei: Wa…


Hamaji: Wait a minute!!!


Page 2


Nakajima: What do you think of our Water Polo club…


Ch 80: Death to 3d people


???: I’m a new member here


???: But we enter this club because of Hayami-chan!


Nakajima: That’s right


Nakajima: She has huge boobs


Nakajima: What else?


???: After Hamaji was dumped by Hagiwara he stopped coming to practice!


Youhei: Wha…


Nakajima: You’re right. He’s an idiot huh


Nakajima: What shall we do with him


Page 3


???: We thought of letting him to recover from the shock but during that time…


???: That bastard– during that time he was with…!


???: He was with Hayami-chan…!!!


Nakajima: Yes…he was……


Nakajima: Kissing her…!


Unison: Kiss x (5 bubble)


Youhei: Ekkkkk


Youhei: P-please listen to me guys— there’s an explaination for this


Page 4


Nakajima: Who cares of what you think!


Nakajima: You’re going out with Hayami-chan right?!


Youhei: W-Well…


Youhei: If that’s how it looks like…it must be so…


???: Uwaaaaaaahh please stop..I don’t want to listen anymore than this


???: Death to 3d people Death to 3d people Death to 3d people Death to 3d people


???: I do not want to be more depress than this–!!!


Youhei: Ahhhhhhhhh


???: Even me…Amamiya hasn’t spoken to me for a couple of days nowww ← something must’ve happened…?


Nakajima: Is it…this lips……?


Youhei: What?


Page 5


Nakajima: The indirect kiss!!


Youhei: …!!


???: Damn you, I thought of doing that first~~~~~!!!!


???: Move aside Nakajima!!!


???: Let me have a go too!!


???: No way


Page 6


Youhei: Everyone…kissed me……


Nakajima: Well then…


Nakajima: What we start our practice……?


???: Hayami-chan’s lips


Youhei: Please let me go


Nakajima: Hamaji


Nakajima: You have two things to do


Nakajima: First, the days you lost for skipping will not come back to you……


Youhei: …


Nakajima: Prepare yourself. We’ll train you like mad for lost time


Page 7


Nakajima: And the other thing…


Nakajima: Go and retrieve the camera that was confiscated by Amamiya!


Youhei: Ah, the camera…


Youhei: Was confiscated?


Nakajima: Umeda got caught trying to take some photos!


Girl: Hey!!! What are you doing there?


Umeda: Uh oh


Youhei: Amamiya-senpai…


Nakajima: Do whatever you have to to retrieve the camera, even if you need to bow your head to her


Youhei: Whaaaat


Page 8


Nakajima: Hurry up and go you 3d! We’ll start our training right now!


Youhei: You could at least release this rope around me


Nakajima: Stop complaining and move your ass


Youhei: Shessh…


Nakajima: Do 10 laps to and fro!!


Youhei: Ehhhhh


Shinozaki: Hmm…it seems that Hamaji has recovered…


Girl: What does he mean by 3d?


Page 9




Shinozaki: Are you looking for Hagiwara-senpai?


Shinozaki: Today senpai is resting at home due to a cold


Shinozaki: Are you worried?


Hayami: Ah…


Page 10


Hayami: Ah… so she’s sick….


Hayami: I see…


Hayami: I need to practice my eggbeater kicks…


Hayami: Hamaji has returned…


Hayami: I’m happy that we could practice together but…


Hayami: If Hagiwara-senpai returns, then…


Shinozaki: …


Page 11


“Doorbell rings”


Shinozaki: Uhm…


Shinozaki: I’m Shinozaki, first year of highschool. I’m from the water polo club!


Shinozaki: Senpai <3 I’m here to check up on  you <3


Hagiwara: Shinozaki…


Page 12


Hagiwara: You should’ve told me earlier you were coming


Shinozaki: Ah… just rest up. Is you fever better now?


Hagiwara: No, my fever still isn’t going down…


Hagiwara: Sorry to trouble you


Shinozaki: Yay~~~ I’m in senpai’s room <3


Hagiwara: Stop jumping up and down! You’ll bother the neighbours downstairs


Shinozaki: The camera…


Shinozaki: I figured you would bring back home…


Page 13


Hagiwara: …


Hagiwara: Actually


Hagiwara: I wanted to give it to Hamaji-kun directly…


Hagiwara: But I can’t in this condition


Hagiwara: Who would’ve thought…


Hagiwara: I mailed Hamaji-kun because I wanted to apologize…but he didn’t reply me


Shinozaki: So… that’s what happened


Page 14


Hagiwara: He must be really angry…


Shinozaki: Hah!


Shinozaki: That good for nothing senpai isn’t the type who’d get angry over such a thing!!


Shinozaki: More than angry, he must be scared to death because of your mail!


Hagiwara: You think so?


Hagiwara: I’m a bit relieve if that’s the case


Page 15


Shinozaki: …Isn’t that right—-? Hamaji…


Shinozaki: Umm…


Shinozaki: I’ll return this camera for you senpai


Shinozaki: I’m sure he has a hard time creating a poster without this…


Hagiwara: …


Hagiwara: I’m sorry Shinozaki…


Page 16


Hagiwara: I want to return this by myself


Shinozaki: —–I understand


Nakajima: Hey! Hamaji! Get me some meat buns!


Youhei: W…With this kind of appearance—-?!


To Be Continued.

Amanogawa ke no 4 shimai

Amanogawa ke no 4 shimai ch 1

Sorry for the late update, I have been feeling under the weather these couple of days. I manage to cough out one, so here ya go!

Link to raw below:


Chapter 1: Introduction!


Letters on paper: [My Parents]


Natsuna: …


???: Hey, Natsuna~~


???: Oh, you’re not done with the essay yet? Hurry up and finish it so we can go to the cafeteria


Natsuna: Mmm…sure


???: Hmm…?


???: Ahhhhhh!!


???: That reminds me, your parents passed away quite some time ago right


???: That Morioka sure is a scumbag, shall I head to the Teacher’s Office and tell him off?


Natsuna: Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’ll just write something in. You can head to the cafeteria first


???: Really? Tell me if you need any help ok?


Natsuna: I’ll be right there


???: Okay ~


Natsuna: It has already been 9 years since my parents passed away


Natsuna: I’m not in a bad shape as what my friend thought of—the reason is


Natsuna: It’s because


???: Bye bye~~


???: Natsuna!


Natsuna: !


Natsuna: I have


Fuyuno: Onee-chan!


Natsuna: 2 elder sisters


Fuyuno: This is a surprise


Natsuna: Who would’ve thought we’d gather here unexpectedly…


Akira: I bought cake at the shop over there


Natsuna: You bought cake?!


Haruko: She was just joking


Natsuna: And a younger sister


Natsuna: Fuyuno said she wanted to have cake


Fuyuno: I never said that


Natsuna: I’m saying this as a representative of Fuyuno’s desire


Haruko: Shall we go get some then?


Akira: But none for you Natsuna


Natsuna: What?!


Akira: So it’s not Fuyuno but you who wanted to eat cake, huh Natsuna?


Natsuna: This is my family, the Amanogawa’s


Character Introduction


Amanogawa Natsuna


Age: 16 ( First year of High School )

Blood: B

Birthday: August 21st

Like: Bunny related items

Dislike: Vegetables

Nickname: Tsuna




“My younger sister, Fuyuno”


“Elementary school 5th year. Good at cooking”


“I’m the 3rd sister, Natsuna. I’m in the first year of highschool and I’m in charge of the laundry”


“My eldest sister, Haruko”


“She’s a working woman, who manages our household funds”


“My 2nd eldest sister, Akira…a university student”








“Can you give me a hand, Aki-nee?”




“If you keep that up you won’t be able to find yourself a boyfriend ya know”


“I don’t want to be told by you~~~”






“How can one get a boyfriend?”


“Well…you need to do that, you know…”


“You like handsome boys right? That Jones or whatever…”




“Pshh, that’s impossible”


“What’s your problem?”




“Handsome men is justice!”


“Guys need to be rich!”




“I’ll let Haruko-nee decide who is the winner!”






“A kind person”


“And also a thrifty guy would be nice, no?”




“What do you mean by see?”


“Shessh, onee-chans, behave yourselves”


“Speaking of which, what type of guys do you like Fuyuno?”








“A fatherly type…I guess…”






“It’s already 9 years huh…”


“Time passes so fast…”




“You’re amazing Fuyuno, even though they died when you were 1 years old, you could still remember them”


“I always look at their pictures or videos of them”






“As time passes we keep growing”


“But Mama and Papa still stay the same”


“It feels weird when I look at it from time to time”


“Ah! I forgot to boil the rice!”






“The rice is cooked—”




“Tonight’s dinner is Oyakodon ( google it if you don’t know ! )”


“Thank you for the food!”


“This is the story of the 4 sisters”


“In the Amagawano family”


To Be Continued in ch 2