Hantsu X Trash

Hantsu X Trash 84

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Page 1


Manami: Yes…


Manami: That’s good


???: Ahh…I love you Miyoshi-sensei…


Manami: My! You’re such a tease…


Page 2


???: Miyoshi-sensei?


Manami: ……


Manami: Oh shit!


Manami: Stop stop!!!


???: What’s wrong?!


Manami: Can you move aside for a second?!


Manami: Ah~~~~~!!!! How did I forget all about it. (sweat)


???: Where are you going? … we finally met after all this time…


Manami: I’m sorry. I forgot about something important I have to do today


???: What is more important than me?


Page 3


Ch 84: Overflowing


Manami: Something verrrrrry exciting <3


Page 4


Club Advisor ( sorry I forgot his name xD ): Hmmm, not bad! It’s nice, even though Hamaji made it


Club Advisor: Hopefully this will get us a few new members.


Youhei: Yes!


Nakajima: Well, the pool is closed during this season, so it’s fine…


Nakajima: It’d have been better if it was still open.


Translator’s Note: the school pool closes for autumn and winter. Unless you wanna freeze to death!


Horiuchi: Ahhhhhhhhh, what’s this!!


Page 5


Horiuchi: You can’t see my eyes in this poster!!


Horiuchi: What are you going to do about it, Hamaji!!


Youhei: Well, everyone except for you came out well… so I just prioritized the

majority that turned out good!


Horiuchi: That’s mean!!


Hagiwara: The fliers we did before were good…


Hagiwara: But this poster is also nice


Hagiwara: You’re amazing, Hamaji-ku…


Hayami: Amazing!! Hamaji-kun!


Youhei: You flatter me…


Hagiwara: Ah…


Youhei: I just researched this on the net and imitated what I found…


Page 6


Girl on the right: Say! Is it true that the two of you are going out with each other?!


Youhei: Er… yeah……


Girl on the left: Jeez, don’t show off!


Nakajima: Hey, hey!! Stop flirting during our club activities!!


Hagiwara: Everyone sure likes to talk about this kind of stuff


Youhei: Since our pool is closed, we’ll have to rent an indoor pool, right?


Club Advisor: Yeah, this year’s indoor pool is slightly further than our last one… but it’s also much cheaper.


Club Advisor: You guys need to do your best, because I’ve already registered you for the prefectural tournament!


Nakajima: W…why the hell did you do that without consulting us! You’re giving us more problems…


Page 7


Club Advisor: I’ve even asked a coach to train you guys!


Manami: Ah <3 There you are


Manami: I’m so glad! We’re on the same train!


Manami: Thank goodness I made it in time!


Youhei: Miyoshi-sensei?!


Hagiwara: Sensei!


Page 8


Manami: !


Club Advisor: I got you!


Club Advisor: Miyoshi… are you hurt anywhere?


Manami: I…I’m fine!


Nakajima: Why did you take this chance to hug her! You ero-sensei!!!


Club Advisor: Shaddap! It’s a gentleman’s duty!


Hagiwara: Geeez!! Keep it down you’re bothering other people!


Page 9


???: Ugh… this place looks so run down…


???: You got that right


Club Advisor: I told you it’s cheap, right?! Don’t ask for luxuries. Let’s go!!


Nakajima: It’s far. It’s run down. Sure is a good place to rent huh–


Club Advisor: … Geez! Stop complaining will you


Manami: Hey Hamaji-kun <3


Manami: Say, what happened between you and Hagi-chan?


Manami: Did you do her?


Youhei: Do what?!


Youhei: Of…of course not


Manami: I see~ well I guess that’s impossible for you. See you later then <3


Youhei: U…Umm…


Page 10


Hagiwara: Hayami!


Hagiwara: You got a second?


Hayami: Hagiwara-senpai…


Hagiwara: Miyoshi-sensei, there’s someone I’d like to introduce you to…


Manami: Hmm?


Page 11


Hagiwara: She recently joined our club…


Hagiwara: This is the first time you’ve seen her, right, sensei?


Hayami: My name is Hayami, I’m a freshman. Pleased to meet you…


Manami: Don’t worry about formal introductions, please raise your head!


Manami: So you’re a first year! How adorable. And you have a nice body as well


Hayami: No, I…


Hagiwara: Because she was in the track and field club


Hagiwara: She learns quickly


Manami: My!


Manami: I’m looking forward to seeing you in action then!


Page 12


Nakajima: Shoot it now, boy!!


Manami: Hmmmm~~~


Manami: It seems that Hamaji-kun has grown since then…


Page 13


Youhei: Nnnnnngharrgh~~~!!


Manami: … or not


Nakajima: How many times do I have to tell you, don’t rely just on your brute strength!


Youhei: I…I’m sorry ( sweats )


Manami: I guess that’s one of Hamaji-kun’s…


Manami: Cute trait…


Youhei: Ouch…


Manami: I guess it’s going to take…forever for him to reach Hagi-chan’s level… —–


Page 14


Youhei: E-Even though I love Hagiwara-senpai… I can’t help looking at Miyoshi-sensei…


Manami: Hmm? Even though you really love Hagi-chan?


Youhei: Ahh… no… I can’t hold it in any longer… no…. please…I …


Manami: Aww, you’re such a naughty boy Hamaji-kun——


Manami: Ehehe…


Page 15


Manami: Oh my…


Manami: Even just imagining it… makes me overflow….


Club Advisor: …


Manami: Hmm?


Club Advisor: Damn it!!! Hamaji!!!!! I won’t let you off the hook if you miss the next shot!


Page 16


Club Advisor: Hamaji, don’t be such a wuss just because you got a girlfriend !!!!


Club Advisor: You too, Hayami!!!


Nakajima(in the background): Gyaahahaha! You got scolded–


Youhei: I-I’m not fooling around around!


Manami: Girlfriend… ?


Club Advisor: What’s the matter?


Manami: Hamaji-kun got himself a girlfriend…?!


To Be Continued.



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