Hantsu X Trash

Hantsu X Trash 83

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Whew, finally cliffhanger ends here. Sorry for the wait >.< I had to try my hand on editing for once. But it took ageeeees for a nab like me xD The final end of it was satisfying!


Page 1


Hagiwara: Girlfriend…?


Youhei: I’m…


Youhei: I’m currently dating Hayami


Page 2


Hagiwara: …


Ch 83: End


Youhei: Even though I’m only a freshman… I’ve been nothing but trouble to you,




Youhei: I’m really, really sorry!


Hagiwara: Ah, it’s fine…


Youhei: I’m glad I was able to tell you this…!


Youhei: With this


Page 3


Youhei: I can at long last… put an end to my feelings for you


Hagiwara: I see…


Page 4


Youhei: I’m not too sure—– what I should say now…


Youhei: What…was that for?


Hagiwara: Boys! They sure have fickle hearts. Always switching lovers from one to another..


Page 5


Hagiwara: This situation makes me feel like I was the one to reject you!


Hagiwara: Jeez…


Youhei: No


Youhei: That’s not what I’m trying to imply…


Hagiwara: I’m just… joking with you!


Hagiwara: I’m sure Hayami noticed…


Hagiwara: Hamaji-kun’s good point


Hagiwara: I will get some rest now…


Youhei: Ah, then I’ll go kill some time.


Page 6


Hagiwara: So… he choose Hayami…


Hagiwara: I thought I was the only one who noticed Hamaji-kun’s good points…


Page 7


Hayami: I’m home!


Little brother: Ah… nee-chan


Hayami: Where’s mom?


Little brother: She’s having tea next door


Hayami: I bought some cake! Want some?


Little brother: Can I?!


Little brother: You seem to be in a really good mood today


Little brother: You probably had a good time with your boyfriend, right?!


Hayami: Wha…


Page 8


Hayami: Don’t say something stupid like that


Little brother: Ouch…


Hayami: Sheesh!! He’s such a brat


Hayami: Hamaji-kun… are we really going out with each other…


Youhei: Of…


Youhei: Of course we are!


Page 9


Hayami: Hehe


Page 10


Nurse: Is it okay if I drop you off at the next train station, Hamaji-kun?


Youhei: Yes!


Nurse: I’m sorry, because of the congestion it’s taking us a bit longer, but we’re almost there.


Youhei: I’m really glad for your help sensei, you really saved us


Nurse: Really?


Hagiwara: *dozing off*


Youhei: Ah…


Page 11


Youhei: She feels hot…


Youhei: It must be because her fever is still high…


Youhei: I better stay still so she doesn’t wake up…


Youhei: …


Page 12


Page 13


Hagiwara: …


Hagiwara: *gasp* Oh no! I fell asleep


Hagiwara: Hamaji-kun


Hagiwara: Where are we now…


Page 14


Nurse: Ah, I’ve dropped Hamaji-kun at the station already


Nurse: We’re about to arrive at your place.


Hagiwara: Ah…I see


Hagiwara: …thank you very much


Page 15


[The following day —–]





Camera <3 <3 <3

Peeping photos<3

Peeping photos<3


Youhei: I’m using it for the poster ya hear me?! Don’t drop it okay?!!


Page 16


Amamiya: Hey! If you try to take sneaky shots again I’ll smash the camera to bits


Shinozaki: You returned the camera?


Hagiwara: Yea!


Shinozaki: It seems our water polo club is back to normal, huh…


Hagiwara: Alright!!!! Let’s give our all during the training!!


To Be Continued.

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Thank you for uploading the translations, really glad to know what gonna happen next in Hatsu x Trash.

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