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Hatoko’s Cafe ch 4


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Ch 4: Pretty boy and Delinquent girl (2)


Hato Cafe

Chapter 4


Hana: …You lost the flier?


Hatoko: I’m sorry I’m sorry


SFX: criesssssss


SFX: bababababa


Hatoko: I’m pretty sure I put it in my bag but


Hana: Sheesh


Hana: It can’t be helped…


Hana: I guess i’ll paste my version in front of the store for now…


2nd version of the flier


Flier: Recruiting staff


SFX: karan karan ( doorbells chimes )


???: Um–


Hana: !


???: I saw this and…


Hatoko: Eh


Hana: Ah


Mirei: Jeez


Mirei: Where did that Makoto disappear off to?


SFX : Ring ring


Mirei: Mako…


Phone text from Makoto: I’m going to Hatoko’s Cafe ^ ^


Mirei: Huh?


Mirei: Hatoko’s Cafe?


Mirei: Cafe?


Mirei: Cafe…


Mirei: ! Is it that Cafe…


Hana: Eh…


Hana: Ah, Aisu-kun?!


Aisu: Oh? Kotobuki-san, good afternoon–


Hana: Eh? Why are you here? And that flier…


Aisu: This? I found it in the classroom




SFX: fu ni~~ ( pinches )


Hana: Ah, so that’s how you lost the flier


Aisu: I would like to work here


Hana: Ehh?


Hatoko: Oh my <3


Hana: A-A-A-Aisu-kun, are you serious?!


Aisu: Y-Yeah…


Hana: Why? Are you out of your mind?


Aisu: What’s wrong Kotobuki-san?


Hatoko: Aisu-kun


Hana: Are you sure?!


SFX: shakes shakes


Hatoko: The uniform for my shop is a little bit weird. I fear you might not like it…


Aisu: Uniform?


Aisu: …It doesn’t bother me what kind of uniform as long as you let me work here


Hana: Aisu-ku—


Hatoko: I see! So you don’t mind any type of uniform right? <3


SFX sparkle sparkle


Hatoko: Let’s not waste time and try them on shall we?


Aisu: Yes~


Hana: Oh my…


Aisu: Hiyomori-san


Hatoko: You can call me Hatoko


Aisu: Hatoko-chan, is the owner of the shop not around? Is it all right doing this without the owner’s permission?


Hatoko: I’m the owner


Aisu: Eh


Aisu: Really? That’s amazing even though we’re of the same age


Hatoko: No, it’s not really that amazing


Aisu: I must also do my best too. Since my health is much better after so much of rest


Hatoko: Yes!


Hatoko: It’s great to challenge so many different things in live right!


Hatoko: Even this uniform…


Aisu: !


Hatoko: Will expand your potential


Aisu: Hatoko-chan…


Aisu: My potential… huh


Aisu: Then let’s see what kind of uniform…


Aisu: …Oh?


Mirei: …


Mirei: That Makoto…


Mirei: Does he really want to work here…


Aisu: Um…


Aisu: Hatoko-chan


Aisu: It feels weird putting on a wig…


Aisu: This is a girl’s uniform…right?


Mirei: What…is that


To Be Continued.

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