Hantsu X Trash

Hantsu X Trash ch 81

Ok, I managed to pull an all nighter for this.

This is starting to heat up! Ohohoh, I wonder how the drama will turn out. For now, *salutes*, I shall go splat on the bed!


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Nakajima: Isn’t today’s weather wonderful too Hamaji-kun?


Nakajima: A perfect day for Water Polo


Nakajima: Aren’t you excited too?!


Nakajima: Are you?


Youhei: Y…yeah…


Youhei: *sigh* another day of hardcore training huh


Page 4


Hayami: Ah


Title: Ch 81: Let’s go!!


Hayami: I didn’t need to hide from them did I…


Page 5


Boy: By the way, how have you and Hayami gone


Boy: You better report to us frequently!


Nakajima: Hey hey… they’re still first years of high school ya know…


Nakajima: At the very most they’ve only kissed


Youhei: I can’t! Never ever tell them what happened… !!!!!


Youhei: T-That’s right, we’ve only kissed…


Nakajima: I’m pretty sure… you’ve not forgotten to retrieve the camera right


Youhei: Of course not…


Page 6


Nakajima: Who would’ve thought our Youhei here would get a girlfriend–


Nakajima: Even though he was rejected by Hagiwara that badly


Youhei: !


Youhei: Speaking of Hagiwara-senpai, I didn’t see her yesterday during practice…


Boy: Ahh… it seems she caught a cold


Boy: with a fever too


Boy: I thought Hagiwara was tough, but in the end she’s also human too


Youhei: Fever huh…


Boy: Well, she should be here for practice today though


Page 7


Girl: Hey Chisato! You can’t go to school like that, your fever is still high


Hagiwara: I’m fine, don’t worry


Hagiwara: Also…


Hagiwara: I really have to go today no matter what!


Girl: That’s impossible with your condition…


Hagiwara: It’s not impossible! Sheesh, mom, don’t worry


T/N Holy shit, I called her mom, a girl lol!. Right, will change it from now


Hagiwara: Well then, I’ll be off!


Page 8


Hagiwara: H…Huh?!


Mom: Well! I told you so didn’t I


Hagiwara: Uhh…I can’t… afford to rest…


Shinozaki: I’m sure he’s quite troubled that he can’t make a poster without this


Hagiwara: If I knew that’s going to happen I should’ve left the camera at school


Page 9


Hayami: Hamaji-kun…


Hayami: I’ve been looking for the camera all this time but I couldn’t find it


Youhei: I see…


Youhei: I guess I should ask Amamiya-senpai directly


Youhei: If I don’t have that, I can’t make the poster. Moreover, I’d be chewed out by Nakajima and the guys


Youhei: This is bad…


Hayami: I’m sorry… for not being of much help. Even though I said I’d search for it…


Youhei: What are you saying? You’ve done so much for me! Really, thanks a lot ya!


Hayami: Hamaji-kun…


Page 10


Nakajima: That’s good! You sure have the spirit in you boy!


Youhei: …


Youhei: Hagiwara-senpai’s not here today too?…


Page 11


Hayami: Hamaji…kun?


Hayami: Who is he…searching for?!


Hayami: …


Page 12


Hagiwara: Ngh…


Hagiwara: W…What is the time now?!


Hagiwara: Oh no! The club practice is about to end!


Hagiwara: Uggh


SFX: *slaps slaps*


Hagiwara: All right!


Page 13


Hagiwara: Let’s go!!


Hagiwara: Got to deliver the camera…


Hagiwara: And also about all the things that happened


Hagiwara: I have to apologize to Hamaji-kun!


Page 14


Hayami: Say…


Youhei: Hmm?


Hayami: Ahh…


Hayami: It’s nothing…


Youhei: ?


Youhei: What is it?


Hayami: Um…you see…


Page 15


Hayami: Are…Are we really…


Hayami: In a relationship…?


Youhei: That’s…


Youhei: Of course we are!


Hayami: That’s…true!


Hayami: Well then, see you tomorrow <3


Youhei: Yup! See ya!


Page 16


Hagiwara: I wonder… if Hamaji-kun has already went home


Hagiwara: ?!


SFX: crash!!


Hagiwara: …ouch……


Page 17


Hagiwara: H…


Hagiwara: How’s the camera?!


Hagiwara: …


Hagiwara: The lense looks ok…!


Hagiwara: I’m glad it’s fine…


Hagiwara: I wonder if I made a mistake coming out


Hagiwara: Whew..


Hagiwara: Anyway, I have to clean this up—– and head to school…


Page 18


Hagiwara: …?


Youhei: S…Senpai…?!


To Be Continued.

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