Hantsu X Trash

Hantsu X Trash ch 80

I’m now using Youhei instead of Hamaji, since there’s too many Hama-ish names around it might get confusing for you guys :X

P.s. Hamaji’s full name is Hamaji Youhei

Raw link beflow:


Page 1


Nakajima: Let’s begin the meeting!


Youhei: Wa…


Hamaji: Wait a minute!!!


Page 2


Nakajima: What do you think of our Water Polo club…


Ch 80: Death to 3d people


???: I’m a new member here


???: But we enter this club because of Hayami-chan!


Nakajima: That’s right


Nakajima: She has huge boobs


Nakajima: What else?


???: After Hamaji was dumped by Hagiwara he stopped coming to practice!


Youhei: Wha…


Nakajima: You’re right. He’s an idiot huh


Nakajima: What shall we do with him


Page 3


???: We thought of letting him to recover from the shock but during that time…


???: That bastard– during that time he was with…!


???: He was with Hayami-chan…!!!


Nakajima: Yes…he was……


Nakajima: Kissing her…!


Unison: Kiss x (5 bubble)


Youhei: Ekkkkk


Youhei: P-please listen to me guys— there’s an explaination for this


Page 4


Nakajima: Who cares of what you think!


Nakajima: You’re going out with Hayami-chan right?!


Youhei: W-Well…


Youhei: If that’s how it looks like…it must be so…


???: Uwaaaaaaahh please stop..I don’t want to listen anymore than this


???: Death to 3d people Death to 3d people Death to 3d people Death to 3d people


???: I do not want to be more depress than this–!!!


Youhei: Ahhhhhhhhh


???: Even me…Amamiya hasn’t spoken to me for a couple of days nowww ← something must’ve happened…?


Nakajima: Is it…this lips……?


Youhei: What?


Page 5


Nakajima: The indirect kiss!!


Youhei: …!!


???: Damn you, I thought of doing that first~~~~~!!!!


???: Move aside Nakajima!!!


???: Let me have a go too!!


???: No way


Page 6


Youhei: Everyone…kissed me……


Nakajima: Well then…


Nakajima: What we start our practice……?


???: Hayami-chan’s lips


Youhei: Please let me go


Nakajima: Hamaji


Nakajima: You have two things to do


Nakajima: First, the days you lost for skipping will not come back to you……


Youhei: …


Nakajima: Prepare yourself. We’ll train you like mad for lost time


Page 7


Nakajima: And the other thing…


Nakajima: Go and retrieve the camera that was confiscated by Amamiya!


Youhei: Ah, the camera…


Youhei: Was confiscated?


Nakajima: Umeda got caught trying to take some photos!


Girl: Hey!!! What are you doing there?


Umeda: Uh oh


Youhei: Amamiya-senpai…


Nakajima: Do whatever you have to to retrieve the camera, even if you need to bow your head to her


Youhei: Whaaaat


Page 8


Nakajima: Hurry up and go you 3d! We’ll start our training right now!


Youhei: You could at least release this rope around me


Nakajima: Stop complaining and move your ass


Youhei: Shessh…


Nakajima: Do 10 laps to and fro!!


Youhei: Ehhhhh


Shinozaki: Hmm…it seems that Hamaji has recovered…


Girl: What does he mean by 3d?


Page 9




Shinozaki: Are you looking for Hagiwara-senpai?


Shinozaki: Today senpai is resting at home due to a cold


Shinozaki: Are you worried?


Hayami: Ah…


Page 10


Hayami: Ah… so she’s sick….


Hayami: I see…


Hayami: I need to practice my eggbeater kicks…


Hayami: Hamaji has returned…


Hayami: I’m happy that we could practice together but…


Hayami: If Hagiwara-senpai returns, then…


Shinozaki: …


Page 11


“Doorbell rings”


Shinozaki: Uhm…


Shinozaki: I’m Shinozaki, first year of highschool. I’m from the water polo club!


Shinozaki: Senpai <3 I’m here to check up on  you <3


Hagiwara: Shinozaki…


Page 12


Hagiwara: You should’ve told me earlier you were coming


Shinozaki: Ah… just rest up. Is you fever better now?


Hagiwara: No, my fever still isn’t going down…


Hagiwara: Sorry to trouble you


Shinozaki: Yay~~~ I’m in senpai’s room <3


Hagiwara: Stop jumping up and down! You’ll bother the neighbours downstairs


Shinozaki: The camera…


Shinozaki: I figured you would bring back home…


Page 13


Hagiwara: …


Hagiwara: Actually


Hagiwara: I wanted to give it to Hamaji-kun directly…


Hagiwara: But I can’t in this condition


Hagiwara: Who would’ve thought…


Hagiwara: I mailed Hamaji-kun because I wanted to apologize…but he didn’t reply me


Shinozaki: So… that’s what happened


Page 14


Hagiwara: He must be really angry…


Shinozaki: Hah!


Shinozaki: That good for nothing senpai isn’t the type who’d get angry over such a thing!!


Shinozaki: More than angry, he must be scared to death because of your mail!


Hagiwara: You think so?


Hagiwara: I’m a bit relieve if that’s the case


Page 15


Shinozaki: …Isn’t that right—-? Hamaji…


Shinozaki: Umm…


Shinozaki: I’ll return this camera for you senpai


Shinozaki: I’m sure he has a hard time creating a poster without this…


Hagiwara: …


Hagiwara: I’m sorry Shinozaki…


Page 16


Hagiwara: I want to return this by myself


Shinozaki: —–I understand


Nakajima: Hey! Hamaji! Get me some meat buns!


Youhei: W…With this kind of appearance—-?!


To Be Continued.

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