Josou kareshi to dansou kanojo


Here’s to chapter 2~!

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SFX: bata bata bata bata bam!


Mitsuki: G-


Mitsuki: Good moring…


Aki: There’s no point in running here if we were already late…


Mitsuki: Look! sensei hasn’t started taking attendance yet, we’re saved


Sensei: You guys are late


Josou Kareshi


Dansou Kanojo


Chapter 2: Their everyday lives


Chinami: I see


[Friend: Satou Chinami]


Chinami: So you guys were late today


Chinami: Was because of Mitsuki huh


Mitsuki: It’s not my fault


Mitsuki: You could say my futon doesn’t want to let me go?


Chinami: That’s what you call, you reap what you sow


Mitsuki: It is as you said…


Chinami: If you can’t even wake up by yourself, don’t you think Nanase would think you’re a girl who can’t do anything by herself?


Mitsuki: Ehh…I wouldn’t want that…I think…?


Chinami: …Oh my


SFX: batan ( closes book )


Chinami: You seem to have done a good job


Mitsuki: Eh?


Chinami: Well, you didn’t seem to have any interests in boy from the start


Mitsuki ( flashback ): Chinami-chan


Chinami: When I heard you were going out with Nanase I was worried


Mitsuki ( flashback): I…I have started going out with


Mitsuki ( flashback): Nanase-san…


Chinami: But it seems I was worried for nothing as you two are still together.


Chinami: I’m relieved


Mitsuki: Well, we had the same hobby too…


Chinami: I guess you have a point there…


Chinami: So where’s the fortunate boy?


Mitsuki: If you’re talking about Aki, he’s over there


SFXes: zawa zawa zawa zawa ( chatter chatter )


5 transparent bubbles.

Top right: Ehh~ you’re not free today?

Top left: Didn’t you say we’ll go to the cafe today?

Bottom right: Oh my, was it today?

Bottom mid: When are you free Aki?

Bottom left: Don’t forget okay~


Chinami: Busy as usual huh…


Mitsuki: Yeah…


Mitsuki: Lately, he has been confessed by senior girls too


Chinami: …Are you fine looking at him being confessed like that when you’re his girlfriend?


Mitsuki: Hmm~… I’m already used to it


Chinami: That’s not something you’d want to get used to…


???: Nii!


???: Do you mind if I ask you a favour? It’s about the track and field club training today


Mitsuki: Tanaka-kun, hi


Tanaka: Today we’ll be holding it at the stadium


Mitsuki: Ah, ok~


Tanaka: And also, sorry to trouble you


Tanaka: But can you help carrying some equipment too?


Mitsuki: Sure~~


Aki: Tanaka-kun. I’ll help out too


SFX: Zui ( shoves aside )


Tanaka: Nanase? But you’re not in the track and field club…


Aki: 3 person is better than 2 right?


Tanaka: But it’s heavy


Aki: …Tanaka, I

SFX: grabs

Aki: Am a guy too so I’ll be fine


Tanaka: I suppose you are right…


Chinami: I guess you can’t keep Nanase apart from Mitsuki huh…


Aki: That being said, I’ll be tagging along ok!


Aki: I’ll be waiting for you after school


Mitsuki: You didn’t have trouble yourself…


Chinami: If Mitsuki’s happy I’m happy


Chinami: By the way


Chinami: Break time just ended, will you two be fine for the English test later?


Chinami: Did you guys do your revisions?


Aki&Mitsuki: …Ah– oh no……


To Be Continued in ch 3


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