Josou kareshi to dansou kanojo

Josou kareshi to dansou kanojo ch 1 ( His and her crossdressings ch 1 )

Forewarning of Gender Bender. You probably could tell from the title already, so just…argh, just try reading it, ’nuff said!

Raw link below:


Ch 1: A busy morning


SFX: jiririririririri ( ringggggggggg~ )






Shut up will…you…


SFX on the curtain: silence


SFX: gacha ( clicks )


Eh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


SFX: biku ( surprised )






SFXes: dota dota dota ( thud thud thud )


DIdn’t I tell you to wake me up earlier than usual since Aki is coming over?!


I forgot to re-set my alarm clock…


I did wake you up~ more than once!


You should’ve called me till I wake up!


I’ll be using the bathroom okay!




Whoa…what a bed head. Oh well, the net will cover it up anyway


Oi! I want to use the bathroom too!


SFX: peeks


You can use it after me!




In the first place, isn’t it your fault for sleeping in… SFX: ding dong


*door opens* Good morning


Ah, Aki-san!


Onee-chan(elder sister) ! Your boyfriend’s here~


Damn riajuu~


I heard you already! Give me 5… no, 10 minutes!


…Aki-san, she said she’s going to take 50 minutes more!


I said 10 minutes!




My my Aki-kun, good morning. You look cute today too~


Good morning Auntie!


I’m sorry to always keep you waiting Aki-kun


Aki-san, aren’t you cold in that outfit?




I’m fine, I have my tights on too




SFXes: Bata bata bata ( thud thud thud )


3 more minutes please!


All right~


Are you fine with that ungirly girl as your girlfriend?


Eh? Why are you asking me that?


Err…well…it seems to me that Aki-san is more cuter than onee-ch




SFX: dota dota dota ( thud thud thud )


Sorry for the hold up!




Is she really related to us…


I’ve been wondering everyday, who are you…


Good morning


Mitsuki-chan …umm


SFX: hang loosely


Nii Mitsuki ( girl )


Your wig is a bit off to one side you know?

And it’s cold outside, you should wear a coat


Nanase Aki ( boy )


Josou Kareshi


Dansou Kanojo


Ch 1: A busy morning


                                                          Continue in ch 2!

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