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Hatoko’s Cafe ch 3~

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Ch3 : Pretty boy and delinquent girl (1) 


SFX: juu juu ( sizzling )


Hana: Oh yeah, mom I started a part time job. I might be late home


Mom: Oh my- is that so?


Mom: What kind of part time job?


SFX: piku ( Erk )


Hana: I’ll be working in a cafe! A normal cafe!


Mom: I see?


Mom: Do your best Hana-chan


SFX: smile


Hana: Mom… I’m sorry


Hana: I’ll be working in a cosplay cafe


Hana: …Yeah I will


Hato Cafe

Chapter 3


Hana: By chance, I end up working as a part timer in a shop my friend is going to run


Hana: Ah…


SFX: tada~


Hana: So she really named it Hato Cafe…


Hana: I still can’t help thinking something bad is going to happen


Hatoko: Hana-chan


Hatoko: Good morning


Hana: Good morning, you’re early today


Hatoko: Yes!


Hatoko: I was thinking of making flyers for recruiting staffs!


Hatoko: Hana-chan let’s draw together~


Hana: Sure~


Hatoko: With this we’ll sure to…


SFX: slips


Hatoko: Kya!


???: Whew


SFX: posu ( holds )


Hatoko: Eh


???: Are you all right?


???: Be careful ya


Hatoko: A pretty boy…!


Hatoko: Yes!


Hatoko: Thank you so mu-


Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aisu-kuuuuuun~~~


Hatoko: much…


Aisu: Um…


???: Good morning Aisu-kun <3


???: Are you ok to be in school again?


???: Shall we have lunch together?


Hatoko: ?!


SFX: kya kya~


Hana: Popular as ever


Hatoko: Hana-chan, do you know that person?


Hana: Eh? He’s our class-mate


Hana: Aisu Makoto-kun


Hana: He’s pretty and also kind. He’s liked by lots of people as you can see


Hana: But he has a weak constitution, which is why he doesn’t come to school often


Hana: There’s a rumour that he’s not only popular with the girls


Hatoko: Oh my?


Hana: And also, that is


???: Hey! You guys are awfully noisy so early in the morning


Hana: Soyogi Mirei


Mirei: Don’t flock at someone who has a weak body will you


Aisu: Mirei-chan


SFX: gyaaaaa


SFX: dadadadada ( footsteps )


Aisu: You shouldn’t do that, they were just worried about me


Hana: Mirei has a bad mouth but // her childhood friend Aisu-kun has always been kind to her


Aisu: You didn’t need to scare them away like that


Hatoko: You’re well-informed Hana-chan…


Hatoko: Are you a fan?


Hana: No


Hana: Those two were close to each other since elementary school


Hatoko: Aisu-kun…Mirei-chan…


Hatoko: Those two… are splendid…!


Hatoko: Ahhhh

Hatoko: Just like a knight and his frail princess…!


Hana: Aren’t their genders…upside down?


Hana: Oh well, the role of a princess does suit Aisu-kun


SFX: wind blowing


Mirei: Makoto?


Aisu: It’s been awhile since I came to school…I’m happy


Aisu: I want to make lots of memories now that I’m back


[After School]


Flyer: Recruiting Staffs

         <3 : Hourly wages


Hatoko: Now that I’ve finished making the flyers, all I have to do now is distribute them…


SFX: doyaa~


Hana: Hatokoooooo // It’s time to go?


Hatoko: Ah, coming!


SFX: gata ( rattle )


Hatoko: Hurry~


Hatoko: Hurry~


SFX: gasa // gon


SFX: hira ( flutter )


SFX: kasa ( falls on the floor )


SFX: gara ( door sliding )


SFX: pon


Aisu: ?


SFX: gasa ( picks )


Aisu: Hato…Cafe…


Aisu: ???


Aisu: Ah…


Aisu: They’re currently looking for staffs there…


Aisu: But why’s the flyer in our classroom…?


To Be Continued


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