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Hatoko’s Cafe ch 2~!

Hope you guys are enjoying it xD!

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Ch 2 : A young Mistress’ part time job Part 2






Don’t tell me, the cafe’s uniform is…”


“Ara, didn’t I mention it earlier?”


This! this is—-!”


“This place is a [ Cosplay Cafe ] ~”


“Co-cosplay cafe?”


“You know, the nurse uniform suits you Hana-chan”




“On second thought, the maid uniform would look nice too I bet”




“Wait a minute”


“A lady officer uniform is cute too!”


“I didn’t hear of this…”


“Say, Hana-chan, which do you prefer?”


“Hmm, where do you think you’re going?”




“Geez why do I have to wear this..”


Kyaaaaaa! Hana-chan you look very cute!!”


“Why is this happening to me…”


“As I thought, it really suits you!”


“My uniform is of an idol

“You know….”


“These cosplay costumes don’t suit the interior design at all…a normal waitress uniform would be better, no?”


“What are you saying Hana-chan?! In this age you either eat or be eaten”


“If it’s normal it won’t have an impact”


“She’s a predator alright…”


“What’s more!”


“If everyone’s happy that’ll be good enough for me…”


“The other day when I watched a special programme about cosplay cafes, I thought”


“The customers who get [to see] the waitresses are happy”


“The waitresses who get to [dress up cute] are also happy”


“If both the customers and the people who work there are happy”


“Isn’t that the most beautiful thing?”






I feel it wouldn’t be that bad after all


This girl here has a kind heart for the people out there.


“I see, it’s really like you Hatoko”


“It’s not like you’d listen to me if I tried to stop you”


“I’ll go along with your plan then”




“Hana-chan! Thank you so much~! <3”




“I’m very happy to be able to work with Hana-chan~<3”


“Let’s do our best!”


[ And with this I, Kotobuki Hana ]


[ have started working in the cafe that Hiyomori Hakoto opened ]


“Would you mind letting me go already!”




“I feel we need more part time staff”


“I second that”






“Look! There’s a newly opened shop”


“….Uh huh”


“A general shop? Is it a cafe?”


“It looks like it’s not yet open for business”


“I wonder if they’re looking for part timers”


“If you work part time you’ll bump into more weirdos again”


“Let’s go home Makoto”


“Un, ok”


To be continued






“What’s up Hana-chan?”


“I was just wondering what should we name the shop”


“Ehe, I’ve not made up my mind yet.”


“Hmmm, since it’s your cafe”


“How does [ Hatoko’s Cafe ] sound?”


“Aha, what a good idea. Alright, it’s decided!”




The End of Extra

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