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Hatoko’s Cafe ch 1

Yay~ my first post. And here’s the translation (not a scanlation) to another webcomic from comico ( which brought you The Young Master and The Maid ) that I found, quite cute =3 Link to the webcomic below:

P.s. Sorry you gotto read while refering to the raws >.<

Title : A young Mistress’ part time job Part 1


I’ll be going now.


I’m Kotobuki Hana, 16 years old. Family consists of Dad, mom and 2 younger brothers.


It’s finally summer….


I’m just your average highschool girl you see everyday.


That car belongs to….


SFX Door opens


Hana chan~


The only thing that’s not your average me is that.


Good morning


Hana-chan ( insert heart )


My friend is a high class lady, oblivious to the world around her.


Hatoko…didn’t I say we’ll be walking to school today?


I was suppose to but…


On the way to school, I kinda got lost…


so I gave up….


She doesn’t have any sense of direction?


I’ll try my best tomorrow!


My classmate, Hiyomori Hatoko is


Someone who I can’t leave alone.


Ah the first bell rang, let’s head to class!




A very important friend.


Lunch Break.


Oh yeah, Hana-chan!


I was thinking of starting a part time job.




Part time job… but isn’t your family rich?


I’m already 16, i’d like to learn more about society.






Hakoto doing a part time job…


Just imagining it, uwaa….


W-won’t that be difficult? You’re always making mistakes. You’ll be fired instantly.


Don’t worry


I’ll just open my own shop!


That way I won’t be fired.




What does she mean by that?


After School


It’s just right around this corner.


The way of thinking is way off the scale of a normal person….




To actually open a shop is just…




What a cute cafe…!


Please come in


Has the shop started running?


No. Actually, i’m the only one who’s working here…


You know, um, if you’d like to…


Hana-chan won’t you work w-





Yay! i’ve always wanted to work in this kinda shop.


Working at Hatoko’s shop, I might get a good pay for it.


Uniform! what’s it look like?


A, ah, the uniform’s over here, wanna take a look?


SFX wanna see


I wonder which suits Hana-chan.


The nurse uniform might look cute.




So, Hana-chan


Which is pretty?


This is the shop’s U-ni-form.



To Be Continued.


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