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Go! Tenba Cheerleaders

Go! Tenba Cheerleaders Ch 56~!

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Read Go Tenba Cheerleaders Vol. 8 Ch 56 online here !

Japan Entertainment

Handmade Masks

What kind of Handmade Masks that’s able to prevent the most Spray?
For the experiment, he poured flour into his mouth and made himself sneeze.
Testing a normal face mask
Barely any powder came out
Entry No. 1
Coffee Filter
The result: As you can see, didn’t work that well
Boxer Pants
Next is the idea someone came up from China, Orange Peel
The whole Orange cap flew out from the force of his sneeze
They prepared A to E cup for him
Surprisingly, it looks pretty fancy
Result, most of it was held back in it, just like the normal mask.

Japan Entertainment

Oppai !!

Right lady : I’ve lost weight
On the other hand, I gained weight
Left lady : But there’re some merits to it
That is, now I’m able to
Lick my own breasts
Japan Entertainment


Aside from news, I thought I’d give you some entertainment from Japanese Tv Programme too!

These days, why do girls hold each other’s hand?
To keep warm
White: do you have boyfriends?
Both: no
Umm, are the both of you that type of couple?
No, we’re just friends

Japan News

March 22nd 2020

Due to the partial lockdown in Thailand, most of the shops ( including supermarket and convenience stores ) in Bangkok will be closed till April the 12th

Our Thailand friends, I don’t have much info to go on but FIGHTO!

Japan News

March 21st 2020

Kyoto’s Nijo Castle’s Sakura Lightup started yesterday.
It will last till April 12th 2020
Japan News

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I know it’s been awhile. From here on, I’ll be sharing Japan news from news channels with you all. It’ll be a very brief and short. I hope to bring some smiles to those out there who read it.

I thought of covering anime, manga, event news too but I’m not sure where to start. If you know of any sources I can watch/read please let me know!


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Nanako San Teki Na Nichijou DASH !!

Feb 9th

Nanako-san Teki na Nichijou DASH!! Vol. 2 Ch 27